What Do You Think Makes a Champion?

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What Makes a Champion?

Champion Week Begins in 7 DAYS!

Champion Week Begins in 7 DAYS!

Champion Week kicks off soon! We hope you will join us for all of our events starting on Monday, March 11, 2013!

Special thanks to Leo’s Coney Island – MSU and Buffalo Wild Wings for donating prizes towards our March Madness Bracket! To fill out your bracket, click HERE:



Amazing prizes will be awarded to the top winners and if you attend an Ask Big Questions event during our champion week, you will receive extra points towards your bracket!

What Makes a Champion?

tumblr_m4397vso9d1rse3b8o1_500Ask Big Questions at Michigan State University is getting excited for our upcoming campaign centered around the question, “What Makes a Champion” and we want your feedback! If you’re interested in answering the question on video, feel free to contact us by tweeting @ABQ_MSU or commenting below!

How Do You Decide Who To Vote For?

What Will You Do Better This Year?

What Will You Do Better This Year?

Something that I am going to make a conscious effort to do better this year is to set and meet my goals. As a senior I feel like I really need to determine my direction for the next 5 years and I have found that although I have been setting high goals for myself I have not been doing enough to make steps towards meeting those goals. Now that college has flown by in what feels like a matter of 24 hours, I have to have the mindset of a real grown-up instead of being stuck in the college bubble. As much as I would love to take a victory lap, I think it’s finally time to meet goals that are set for after college graduation.

Written by: Stephanie Levine, Ask Big Questions Fellow

What will you do better this year?

Create MSU Bucket List and Start Life Anew!

The school year is finally underway. The dust has finally settled as students have moved in and once again become adjusted to the campus hustle and bustle that each year brings in. The streets of East Lansing, once vacant in the summer, have become filled with students, faculty and visitors, all new and old. Cyclists, pedestrians and ‘boarders’ are once again learning to navigate the sidewalks without running each other down. Restaurants and storefronts are being blessed with an influx of customers and that infectious Spartan energy we all know and feel is flowing through the air. Hopefully, everyone has adjusted to their new schedules and is prepared for a great year. But what is a great year? Some students may have a perfect idea of what this new school year will be like . Their success in their classes, the great friends they may make, the life changing study abroad trip planned for this year. Some may already have their campus organizations / extracurricular activities calendar set already. For those who don’t, however, don’t fret!  East Lansing/ Lansing is your oyster!

My own personal answer to the ABQ question, “What will you do better this school year?” is to fully explore and take advantage of the opportunities in East Lansing and the Capital City. You could become involved in one of hundreds of organizations on or off campus. You could also check out the many attractions on campus. For example, explore the cosmos at Michigan State’s Abrams Planetarium, located near the Cata Station on Shaw. I haven’t been yet, but that’s okay because this is the year to start crossing things off my MSU bucket list. You could explore the myths, magic and mysteries of the universe by going to see the Sky Tellers show on Sundays at 2:30pm OR take a visual tour of the universe by attending the show Gateway to Infinity! Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 4pm.

Public planetarium shows, featuring the Digistar II projector, are scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 P.M., and Sundays at 4:00 P.M. There are also special shows designed for families on Sundays at 2:30 P.M. Call the program information number (517) 355-4672, for exact show times and other information concerning the public shows. (http://www.pa.msu.edu/abrams/Programs/Public.html)

The planetarium is just an example representing a plethora of opportunities that are accessible to MSU students. Athletic events are a must, after all WE ARE SPARTA! The 4-H Children’s Garden is easily accessible and EVERY student should go to at least one show at the Wharton Center or concert at the Auditorium.

What of Lansing? Have you explored Michigan’s great capital city? Start perhaps with the Lansing River Trail, which welcomes cyclists, runners, walkers and avid nature- lovers in general. From exploring the woods near just beyond University Village, right off of Kalamazoo and just before 127, this trail guides you through some of the most beautiful parts of Lansing . Along the Red Cedar, flora and fauna will honestly take your breath away. There is large community mallard ducks, ( We all see them behind the Administration Building when we pass the Red Cedar) but many other different animals including those you could visit at the Potter Park Zoo which you will pass while on the trail.

After the Potter Park Zoo, the trail will sling-shot you into the heart of Lansing. You will pass the Impression 5 Science Center and soon after this, you will come across the beautiful Lansing City Market (http://www.lansingcitymarket.com/).

The Lansing City Market is most definitely a place to stop by to help stimulate those taste buds, get fresh and local produce, visit a local confectioner’s shop an satisfy your sweet tooth, attend wine tastings (IF you are 21 and older), get some great food at the Waterfront Bar and Grill and experience so much more. The Lansing City Market is also near the Lansing Center ( http://www.lansingcenter.com/), which hosts concerts, conferences, sporting events and dances year round’. You could continue on the Lansing River Trail from the Lansing City Market to ride through Old Town (http://iloveoldtown.org/) where undeniable activities take place such as different types of art and music festivals and Pickin’ In The Park, which is a weekly jam session in Burchard Park. There are many different and wonderful restaurants, boutiques, home goods shops and etc. sprinkled throughout Old Town that truly help to bring magic to both the city of Lansing and surrounding areas such as East Lansing and Okemos. This local magic is accessible and don’t hesitate to explore our campus and surrounding areas, delve into new things and take friends with you, I know that I definitely will!

Have you thought about volunteering in the Lansing area? There are tons of organizations that are really lending a helping hand to ensure that people within the community are being taken care of. You could volunteer at the Lansing Refugee Center! Lansing has one of the largest population of refugees in the Midwest! You can volunteer with ESL tutoring, youth mentoring, after-school tutoring and much more. Don’t just take my word for it though! Check it out at  http://www.refugeedevelopmentcenter.com/ !

Whether you choose to do something different this year and explore East Lansing and Lansing or choose other options from an endless amount of possibilities, remember to not only be safe, and have fun! Also remember to do things better, Ask Big Questions just as I asked of you, and most of all GO GREEN!

Written by: Liz Harvin, Ask Big Questions Fellow

What motivates you?!

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